Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beautiful Reiss Coats

I have wanted a winter coat from Reiss ever since I started working at John Lewis (2 and a half years ago) and fell in love with the brand. I could never ever afford one but I love trying them on and feeling the warmth wash over me. 
I have a few favourites this season - like usual. Here they are:

Fenella in Aubergine - £295
I tried this coat on today and I love it even more now, oops! It is a rich purple, and you have to be rich to buy it! But I still think it is absolutely amazing, the shape is gorgeous, the double collar adds volume to this simple design. 
I love the button fastening on the side of the waist, making this design very simplistic.

Selina fitted coat - £375
I found this coat on the Reiss website and oh my gosh, it's beautiful. I love how Reiss make amazing clothes that are just so simplistic. This one is another really expensive one, so it is out of my reach. Sometimes it is worth buying a more expensive coat though, as it will last few a lot of seasons and always be a classic. The only thing I worry about with these longer coats is the fact I'm only 5'2'', don't want them dragging on the floor!

Leo Dark Green Fit and Flare coat - £295
I think this is my favourite coat from Reiss. I love love love everything about it! 
The racing green colour, the fit and flare style and the medium collar, it's just the right size. I would love to try this on, I hope they get it in at work, because every time I go in I will hug it until some kind person buys it for never know what might happen!
It's doubtful but there could be a really nice person passing by who happens to like buying coats for random people. 
Has anyone else bought their winter coat yet? 

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