Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First day of second year!

I had a horrible rude awakening this morning, when my alarm screamed at me at 9.30AM, yes it was time for the first day of second year at uni! My brain was not ready to be bombarded with information about the assignments that were being set for this semester. I started to get ready and from looking outside my window I could tell it wasn't going to be the nicest of days, however I have a lack of jeans at the moment! So I settled for a pair of brand new velvet shorts from New Look, that I bought about a week and a half ago for £19.99.
I love love love them, they are a gorgeous green colour with black spots all over them, I think they are so cute, especially as they are high waisted. 

Because it was cold out, I did wear tights, but I could have done with a thicker pair as I didn't realise it was going to rain! So my legs were a tiny bit cold but least next time I will know to wear a thicker pair of tights! I wore them with a simple black vest top also from New Look - £3.99 and they are available in loads of different colours, which is always handy to have! 

I also wore my Topshop blazer I bought a few years ago, but they have a similar one in stock on the Topshop website, it is the same price that I paid but is a tiny bit more structured. Can't go wrong with a grey blazer, I think it brings my whole outfit together, and adds another layer seeing as it's getting chilly out! I also wore my topshop boots, which cost me £75 and my necklace is also from Topshop.

So with my outfit all sorted I drove off to uni, it was alright, weird to be back but nice all at the same time. I had forgotten how cold the lecture rooms were, and how good the hash browns were in the cafeteria. So there was pros and cons, including getting our assignments, eeek. Gonna be a busy bee! 
Anyone else gone back to uni lately or going off to uni for their first year? 

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