Sunday, 19 August 2012

The festival bag

I managed to find a really practical and cheap bag for Reading festival; which is in T minus 3 days by the way! So exicted! 
From my earlier posts you may have seen that I've been looking for a bag I can take to Reading, that will be safe, store all my things such as; tissues, eye liner, money, among other things.  I decided on a bum bag, which I was going to customise with push studs, which I thought would be a great idea. However I couldn't believe how much studs cost in the shops in Southampton! Plus I wouldn't have time to actually buy and customise an old bumbag off of eBay, which is a shame but maybe next time. 

So whilst wondering around town yesterday I found this bumbag, in New Look for a wonderful price of £9.99! I then received student discount off of it as well, so it came to about £8 ish! Amazing seeing as the one in Urban outfitters is £28. I would have loved that one however I'm living on a tight budget and thought this was the best I was going to get for such a great price.
Has anyone else been able to find a great practical bag for festivals?


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