Friday, 10 August 2012

A fashionable bumbag?!

"Fashionable" and "bumbags" are two words that are never seen in the same sentence, however Urban Outfitters seem to have come up trumps with this one. With the studs, fringing and leather, what more could you want?!
I like how there is two pockets, one in the back where you can hide your money and the main big pocket in the front for all your other bits and pieces. 
This would be perfect for Reading festival, I have been looking for a bag that is safe and I know I can keep all of my things on me without losing things out of it. I came across this beauty on the Urban Outfitters website and naturally I fell in love. 

It is however really expensive, at £28, which is fair enough because it is real leather and really beautiful. But on my budget I really can't afford it, however I might look into making my own version, but I'll keep you updated if I do! Love a good old bit of D.I.Y!


  1. Love that bag, I want it!! £28 isn't to bad, I'd love to see how you get on if you do DIY xx

    1. Yeah not too bad, but I have a feeling it would get ruined at a festival. So definitely going to see if I can try and recreate it! xx