Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Can you see it?

This is one of my soon to be outfits for Reading Festival, which I will be leaving for in a few hours time..eeeek! 
 I decided I wanted a camouflage jacket in general a few weeks ago, I tried to find a cheap one in every charity shop I could think off and all the auction and free ad sites, but to no avail. After posting on Facebook that I really wanted one, a guy I knew from school commented and said, he had just found one at the back of his wardrobe, which I was welcome to have for a fiver!
Seriously five English pounds! When at the moment in shops such as Topshop they are going for up to £75! It is a bit big on me but with the sleeves rolled up and it not done up it doesn't look too big.

I decided it would look great with my Levi shorts, which were also really cheap off of eBay, about £25 if I remember correctly. I also thought what the heck lets go for a crop top, I had bought this in New Look a while ago, for £9.99. It is black lace which is really pretty, I think works really nicely against the masculine camouflage and the Doc Marten boots. Talking of these boots, I can't believe how cheap they were...even now a few weeks on!

I've only really planned this outfit for Reading as I have just bundled a load of T shirts, tops and my trusty Levi shorts, which go with everything, so I'm sure I won't be spending too much time choosing outfits, especially when they're bands to see!
So off I go to Reading festival! It's come around so quickly I can't quite believe it, can't wait to go to my first ever festival, with a bunch of friends (minus my boyfriend, because he didn't fancy going to a festival so massive, which is understandable).
I will be back on Monday to tell you all about my adventures, hope you all have great weekends?
Is anyone else going to Reading festival, let me know about your stories? 
(sorry about the lighting of these photographs by the way, I had to take these images at night, with my bedroom lights on)

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