Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I may be crazy, little frayed around the ends

I love band T-shirts, but I'm not a huge fan of the ones that show the tour dates and places on the back. But each to their own. Whilst at Reading, the Foo Fighters had their own merch stand, on it was a really nice T-shirt. I found it on the official Foo Fighters website, which you can view: here.

It only comes in mens sizes, but I always like a larger fit anyway so when I've got enough money I think I'm going to have to purchase it. It's only £20 but my finances are all over the place, so I will have to wait to get this beauty on my hands. 
I may just roll up the sleeves or I could cute the sleeves off to make it into a long tank top. Who knows.
Either way I can't wait to get it, it will go with most of my wardrobe and it will be great for any weather.
What do you think about band T-shirts? 

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