Sunday, 5 August 2012

Living on a budget

Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment, I have a severe money situation and it's kind of taking hold of my life right now! I didn't realise how difficult it is to live on such a tight budget. I have started to sell more clothes on eBay, along with trying my hardest to not spend any money, it is so difficult. I am really terrible with money. 
I have some words of advice for you all...never ever apply for a credit card/store card or both for that matter. It really is the worst idea you could ever have. I can understand why people do, seeing as I am one of those credit card holders, buying essentials when you haven't got any money at the end of the month, or paying for items over the internet. However it is an incredibly slippery slope. 

I started off by applying for a credit card, when I went on holiday to Florida two years ago, it was just a friend and myself, so we needed some security with our funds, just in case we ran out. This did help a lot, however when I came home I found a £300 bill to pay...this was not a fun end to a holiday. 
I managed to pay it off as I thankfully secured myself a full time job, then I applied for another credit card with a better interest rate and 6 months interest free. 
The credit card fever had hit me, the fact I could buy anything, whenever I wanted to, just took hold of me. I never had to think about my finances, because at the end of the month I could just pay it I thought. 
I started to get into debt, not paying off my credit card, along with paying rent, driving lessons (at the time) and a phone bill. I then became a student, therefore working part time, and not receiving a good amount of money every month.

I then was enticed by the Topshop card, it was a very silly idea however they offered my 15% off my purchase, which was over £100 so I went for it, saying to myself I will have to pay this off every month and try not to use it too often. 
I haven't been able to pay it all off this month, as I have had a holiday and a lot of car expenses. I've had to get a second job and I really hope they start giving me more hours so I can start to properly pay off all this money I owe, which is over £800. 
I only have myself to blame. 
Never ever ever apply for a credit card, only spend the money you know you can! 
That's all my wisdom folks. 

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