Sunday, 12 August 2012

Live Salon Style - Intense Red review

I dye my hair quite a lot, however I have been looking for a new shade also a new brand. I have used Loreal Feria- Plum Power twice before now and I loved the colour, however after EVERY time I washed it some of the dye came out, which isn't great when you have light blue towels and white bed sheets! So I thought I would go for another brand completely, I had never used LIVE colourants before, so when this one was £4 in Boots I thought I'd try it out. 
The colour was a bit darker than I would usually go for but I thought I may as well give it a go see what the results would be. Hoping it would be better than the Loreal colourant I used to use. 
It started off well, the colourant went on nicely and didn't drip at all, which is always nice. It washed out, which took a while but still it washed out. I dried it...then the problem started. Unfortunately my hair was left in horrible condition! I couldn't believe it, never before has my hair been left in such bad condition. 
I washed my hair two days later and lathered on some Andrew Barton - Gloss Boss- Shine Attack Treatment. I left it on for a few minutes like it said and as soon as I washed it out, my hair felt so much better! I love deep conditioners. 
All in all I am a bit unimpressed with this hair colourant, seeing as it left my hair in terrible condition and the colour has just kept coming out. It definitely didn't have the 'Salon style' I was looking for. Has anyone got any suggestions on good hair dye brands?  

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