Monday, 2 July 2012

Not a fashion post as such...

I'm really sorry for the lack of blog posts from me the last week, but a lot of things have happened. Firstly I've had to sort out my new job at a pub, near my house, which has been a bit of a palaver but it's sorted now, thankfully! I start on Monday next week!
But more importantly, my dad had to have an operation, as the doctor had found a lump on his lung, which maybe cancerous (we found out a few months ago). He suggested it would be best if dad had it removed. 
So after a few months of waiting, he finally went into hospital on Wednesday last week. So the lack of blogging is because my mother and I have been popping in and out of the hospital for the last week.
It was really difficult and horrible to say goodbye to Dad at the operating theater early Thursday morning, but thankfully he came out a few hours later, with the lump removed; which was benign! He was drugged up on morpheme and other pain killers so we didn't get to talk much, as he was a bit 'out of it' so after an hour or so we left him to rest. 
When we went back on Friday he seemed a bit better, as he was talking to us. However he had to keep a mask on to get his oxygen levels up. 
Saturday I had to go to work, so my mum went in and made sure he was alright and I got to see him again on Sunday. He looked a lot better as you can see from my Cinemagram I made of him which is just below. 

He was given the all clear this morning, so we brought him home about an hour ago and he is just having a kip. I am so glad that he is home, it's been weird without him here.
I know this hasn't been a fashion post but I had to talk about how glad I am to have my amazing Dad home!

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  1. he is very lucky to have 2 amazing daughters as am I x