Friday, 13 July 2012

Holiday time!

I'm so close to going on holiday I can taste the sunshine, well I can't but still. 

I'm working like crazy at the moment, seeing as today (Friday) through till Sunday, I'm going to be working 32 hours! Which is not fun in the slightest, however I'm thinking about the money, which will pay off my holiday debt. As well as working so much, I needed a haircut so I've booked one for 9AM tomorrow morning! It's the only time I could fit one in, however I will probably fall asleep in the chair and end up with a wonky haircut! 
I go away on Monday, to Tenerife and I'm so excited, haven't had a holiday in two years, and I get to go away with my boyfriend! My sister will be there too, which is pretty cool, seeing as she also hasn't had a holiday in a gazillion years and it will be nice to hang out with her again. All thanks to my Auntie, for helping us out with accommodation! 

I've already packed, seeing as I'm working so much this weekend, I won't have time to do it at any other point. I feel very organised, which is unlike me, I'm not sure if I like it, it feels like something is going to go wrong....fingers crossed.
I won't be able to post all week from Monday as I won't have much internet usage over there, without a hefty bill to come back too. 
Any suggestions on great places to visit in and around Adeje, Tenerife? 
Is anyone else going on holiday soon?