Thursday, 12 July 2012

My parents vow renewal - 23rd June

It was a while ago now, when the sun was shining and it was actually warm outside. This was the day my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows. 
It was a lovely day, with the sun shining and it was nice to have everyone together! 
This is a photo of my and my boyfriend, he wore a brown checked suit from Next and a blue shirt from River Island, which made him look very dapper!
I wore the dress I bought from Topshop, I love love love this dress! I found it on a whim, after running around town trying to find something I went onto the Topshop website only to find it staring at me in the face. 

It was £59 which I thought wasn't too bad for such a gorgeous dress, and I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. I had to wear really high wedges though, seeing as the dress was super long, but that was fine with me; meant I could buy new shoes! 
So I bought some from New Look, for £25 which was reasonable and I will be wearing this outfit when I go on holiday to Tenerife this Monday!



  1. You look so cute together :) Pretty pretty dress! xx

  2. A very pretty dress and you guys look very sweet together.
    and also a big congrats to your parents special anniversary,as a renwal of vows celebrant -i have had the pleasure in conduction many renewal of vows ceremonies, on the special day and I can honestly say its fantastic!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm very happy for them, and proud that they have got to 25 years of marriage! It's less and less heard of nowadays, so it's really sweet.