Monday, 9 July 2012

Review of Soap and Glory - Sit Tight Intense XS

So you may remember, but you may not, that I bought the new cellulite busting product from Soap and Glory which I said I was going to test out (you can read it here)
Well I have used it on and off for about a month and a half, whilst also going to the gym and not drinking as many fizzy drinks, as on the packaging it says: 'no french fry is free' and it works best when combined with a good diet and/or going to the gym. You would probably get quicker results if you use this every day for a few weeks.
It is so easy to use, and you can feel it working as soon as you apply it, which is always a good sign. It does make you feel as though your thighs are sat in a tank of warm water, and it gives a burning sensation, but doesn't hurt at all. Which is a lot nicer than liposuction I'm sure!
I have taken a before and after photographs, but I don't think everyone wants to see my wobbly bits, but I will tell you there is a massive difference, a lot of the cellulite has gone and I have lost an inch off of my thighs! 
I am so happy with this product, it is £16.50 for 125ml's and is well worth the money if you want to get rid of that horrible orange peel look. I think I will have to buy one more tube to get rid of all of the cellulite, but I will be happy to spend that money.


  1. Sounds good, I have been interested in getting a product like this but seriously doubted that anything would work! :) x

    1. I'm pretty impressed with how well it has to be honest, I was sceptical. But I would really recommend this, as long as you do some excersise/eat well :) x

  2. I really want this! Especially in time for Summer! However I am skeptical as there have so far been no before and after pictures anywhere and although I understand people don't want pictures of their legs/bums on the internet it would be so much easier if there were haha! :(

    Still probably going to try it out though :)

    Nice blog!!


    1. I know what you mean it is frustrating. You can take my word for it though, (I know it's not the same :p) it worked pretty well! I also stopped drinking so may fizzy drinks and I go t the gym so it won't just work miracles on its own. But I would recommend you to try it! Thank you! :) xx

  3. i just bought mine & so ready to try it!! you should differently post some pictures..