Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Outfit post - I'm on top of the world

Hi everyone! 
Currently listening to Imagine Dragons album, hence the title :) 
I'm so sorry for not posting in the last two weeks, bad blogger. Deadlines for uni came up and my blog took a bit of a back seat, but I have no submitted everything so that's it till October! 
How has everyone been? I will be doing a weekly post at the end of the week like usual, seeing as I missed this Sunday.
Just thought I would show you two of the three new additions to my wardrobe, which I bought yesterday in a mild panic that I had no summer clothes. 

Ok so I know I'm wearing a completely black outfit in 'summer', but to be fair it isn't sunny at all today, unlike the past week. I have bought something of colour for my wardrobe but it seemed silly to wear it today. 
The new aditions are the simple black skater dress from New Look, which I bought for £9.99. Just an easy thing to wear, when inspiration doesn't hit. 
I did however jazz it up a bit, by wearing my dotty tights from Primark, and my brand new amazingly cute shoes! 

These beauties are from New Look, they were £19.99 but I love them! They are flat forms with a slight wedge to them as well, which I found aren't as bad to walk in as I expected. I love the cute buckles on the side, they are also really comfy. 
I've needed 'summer shoes' for a while now, I always buy cheap ones every year and spend all my money on expensive boots for winter. Which is great when winter comes around, but the next summer I'm screwed because all my ones from last year are destroyed. 
Has anyone got any tips on good summery shoes around at the moment, I'm really struggling to find any that I like!

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