Sunday, 12 May 2013

Just another week #12

Hi everyone, a massive update for you all this week, seeing as I didn't manage to get a weekly post done last week! I've finished my second year of uni this week, which means I start full time work tomorrow. Yay I'll have some money! :)

Instagram Updates

From top left to the right 

1. Black light at a party and I wear white, it looked pretty cool though.

2. The morning after, this was my hangover cure.

3.Sunglasses ...inside. I had my essay to do so I was stuck inside. 

4. My view whilst doing my uni work

5. My Cornetto had a sombrero on! Simple things.

6. Went out to TGI's with the girls from uni, for our end of term meal.

7. Alabama Slammer at TGI's - YUM

8. New pinafore from New Look, haven't worn it yet though, as the day after I bought it, the weather went rainy again. 

9. New shoes, from New Look, along with dotty Primark tights and a new look skater dress. 

10. New shoes for work - shiny

11. Couldn't decide on what to wear, it was rainy, and windy and I was going for a Chinese. I settled on jeans in the end.

12. My car broke down again today! So I sat in the van whilst the AA man tried to fix my car, he didn't manage to, so my car is still broken. (Story of my life) 

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  1. Cute post! :)

    Kelly xo