Friday, 31 May 2013

Peel off Nails? - Review

When I saw this nail polish in John Lewis Oxford Street, I knew I had to get it, mainly for the colour. It is gorgeous, just the right kind of blue, it's called 'on the blink' and cost £6. The basic principle of this nail varnish is that you can change your nail varnish as quickly and as often as you change your underwear! 

The main reason I bought this was the colour, but I also wanted to know how well it peels off, sounds silly right? Well as I'm working full time I like to paint my nails often, however I also like them to stay on all day. So this nail polish has it's positives and also it's negatives, like most nail polishes.

The positives is that the colour is gorgeous, it dries relatively quickly and is nice and shiny. Another thing that could be considered a positive and/or a negative is that is comes off within hours of wearing it. This nail polish isn't great if you want to wear it all day without it starting to peel off, however it's great if you like to change your nail colour a lot but don't always have nail polish remover left/around. 
It would be great on holiday, as I don't know if it's just me but I don't like to take nail varnish remover as it may leak in my luggage. So this would be brilliant, as you could paint your nails on the plane, but take it off again later if you wanted to use a different colour. 
I found that 20 minutes into starting work it had already started to come away from my nail, which was very annoying as I didn't have the polish with me! (Rookie error)
I wouldn't recommend this nail polish if you like having the same nail colour for a few days, but other wise the colour is gorgeous and it is really easy to apply. So definitely go for it, the colours are amazing! I wish they did the colours in their usual range of Topshop nails (please Topshop, please!)

Has anyone else tried this range from Topshop, what did you think?


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