Sunday, 26 May 2013

Just another (two) week(s) #13

Hi everyone, long time no speak. Just to say sorry for the lack of posts these last few weeks, but thank you all for baring with me, I really appreciate it.
These last two weeks I've been throw into full time work at my current job, it's been a bit of a shock to my system, and finding a balance between work and play has proved to be difficult. Along with this we've been looking at houses to rent, and packing things away. Which is a pain when you've packed something that you need, but you can't remember which box it's in. But there you go, least I'm getting the packing done and not leaving it to the last minute. 

1. The boyfriend and I waiting at Thorpe Park for friends that went on Stealth. (we were too scared too)
2. The Swarm at Thorpe Park. 

3. Craig (my boyfriend) on the train to London on Monday to see The postal service at Brixton Academy.

4. Crazy floating man in covent garden, blew my mind!!

5, A Canadian pub in Covent Garden, with a nice cider to start the day (it was 3pm, we didn't start drinking in the morning)

6. Inside Brixton Academy, the blue lights are always awkward on Instagram. The gig was great though, we were sat in the circle, even though we thought we had standing tickets.

7. BEST DAD ALERT - he had made me sandwiches for Tuesday as I was getting home so late from London, he had also ironed my work clothes! 

8. My mini haul from London, including two Topshop nail varnish, Ciaté nail kit and some lipstick which doesn't suit me! I thought it did in the shop, but unfortunately not.

9. Another new purchase, which are from the eBay shop Zerouv, they were about £15 which I think is a great price for such awesome sunglasses! Unfortunately when I got them through three of the small flowers had come off, but I'm going to superglue them back on. It must have been the huge journey that had to be on to get to me!

10. Craig at Carlos ices and tea rooms, which is the place to go if you want to eat the best ice cream you have ever tasted! It's in hampshire, in East Wellow...look it up if you want to go to it, highly recommended.

11. A photo of the sunburst from my phone looking upwards, I think it looks quite arty. 

12. My ice cream waffle cone on the left, with Vanilla, mint choc chip and strawberry ice cream, then Craig's 1/2 a litre tub(!) on the right. (he ate it all!)

13. Craig and I on a bench outside after we had finished our ice creams.

14. My new mirror, which Craig bought me after we broke my mirror, whilst trying to paint it. We got it from Argos for £24.99 which isn't bad considering it is HUGE and goes well with the rest of my white furniture. 

I will be trying to post some reviews on some products this week, I only have Monday and Saturday off so we shall see how that goes, might have to start using the schedule button. 
Hope you're all ok! 

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