Friday, 18 January 2013

There's No Day Like A Snow Day

Just a few Instagram photographs from the snow day today...

The best dog in the world having fun in the snow in my back garden, just before she tried to 'help' me build me snow man...where she just dug it up instead. She's such a cutie and she loved the snow, seeing as it's her natural habitat.

Me after taking Millie out for a snow walk, with my dad. It was still snowing when we went out and even with a hat on my hair still got drenched. Forgot snow was actually wet...I'm not the brightest. 
The jumper I'm wearing is a cream jumper with a moustache on it (a present from my parents for Christmas) with a tank top underneath; for warmth. Also I wore my burgundy Topshop jeans, two pairs of socks and my pair of second hand Doc Martens, which are amazing in the snow! Unlike wellies they kept my feet warm, and comfortable as well as keeping them dry and giving grip on the snow. 

This is part of my garden and the marsh behind my house, this morning after waking up. The urge to stand on my neighbors shed roof and make footprints was too much, but I managed to resist, mainly as I couldn't get to the roof...
I hope you've all had a great snow day, full of snow obviously and you all kept warm and cosy!

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