Friday, 4 January 2013

Ever yours, Ever ours

This is my outfit today, I'm wearing a brand new shirt, my boyfriend bought me from EverOurs, which is a really cute online shop, I love it. I stumbled across it a few months ago, and I just can't help myself with loving almost everything they sell. It helps that everything is really reasonably priced, and then they lower prices again in their sales! 

I'm wearing my Jamie ankle grazer jeans from Topshop which are dark burgundy, I love these jeans they go with practically everything I own, and they are so comfy; more like a jegging but they are still as thick as usual jeans. Amazing!
Along with these I'm wearing my Topshop boots I bought ages ago, and I've worn them to death. Would love another pair when these finally go. 

As I've already said I'm wearing a shirt from EverOurs, it is gorgeous with skulls all over it, just my cup of tea! I thought I'd take a few close ups to show you these as they are difficult to see in the photo above. 

I couldn't believe when this went into sale, I'd wanted it for so long and was going to buy it when it was full price so when it went to sale I was so excited. However my bank balance did not agree, (even though it was only £10 with £2.50 postage) so because my boyfriend is such a babe, he bought it for me. 

I'm off out in a bit, to an ice cream parlour - I know it's cold but come cream. 
Hope you all have a brilliant day, whatever you're doing.


  1. I want that shirt! So so nice and with burgundy jeans it looks so lush xx

    1. Thanks, it's really versatile too, tried it with skirts today too which looked awesome. But it was a bit chilly today so went with the jeans :) xx