Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I'm shoe obsessed #1

My shoe obsession is getting worse, all thanks to the online store I've mentioned a few times; everours and their amazingly priced shoes! I will usually buy a pair of shoes every so often and just lust over websites/shoe stores the rest of the time, however January must be shoe buying month...I bought two pairs in the space of three days..and now I've found some others I really want, woops.
I bought these beauties for a measly £15 in the sale! I've been trying to get some reasonably priced Lita dupes in ages, because I can not afford £100+ on a pair of boots, so these are a perfect price for a student budget. - £15

They're suede, which is gorgeous and they have a massive platform. I can wear these with many different outfits, which is always what to look for in a shoe. I'm so excited to have these at last and I just want to wear them all the time, which leads me onto another point...
I wore these beauties on a night out which was about 6 hours, and my feet weren't in as much pain as they usually would be if I wore my standard black heels. Now that's what I call impressive!
I'll show you my other shoe bargain soon, they are another pair of shoes I've wanted in a very long time.

Are there any shoes that you've wanted for a while and finally have them?


  1. where are they from?! so cheap!


    1. Everours. They are awesome, such good prices! X