Tuesday, 8 January 2013

'Smoky eyes' by Boujois Paris

Today whilst purchasing my usual eye liner - Rimmel exaggerate waterproof, I decided to buy a smokey eye kit, I wasn't sure which brand to go for because I don't usually wear a lot of make up, especially eye shadow. However I like the look of smokey eyes, so I thought I would give eye shadow a go. 
I went for 'Smoky Eyes' by Bourjois, as the shade looked nice and it was a nice compact kit complete with a tiny double sided brush. I bought it in Boots for £5.99, which was £2 off the usual price.

On the back of the small kit, there was a 3 step instruction manual, explaining what shade to apply first and where; which made the application so much easier. 

Step one: Apply the darkest shade to the top lid and around the bottom - 'Sculpt'

Step two: Apply the middle shade just above the grey and blend with darker shade - 'Blend'

Step three: apply the lightest shade to the top of the lid and outwards - 'Illuminate'

I then applied some mascara to my eye lashes, to complete the look, I used 'Thick and Fast' by Soap and Glory. I like this mascara as the brush is a medium size and it seems to do well at separating the lashes and curling them as well.

This smoky eye kit comes in multiple shades including brown, green, purple among many others. I would recommend this kit as they shades blended really nicely and it was really easy to apply, easier than I expected which is always nice!
Has anyone else tried any of the smokey eye pallets and could recommend any? I would love to try some different colours!

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