Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and weren't all horribly hungover yesterday, unlike me. It was terrible, never felt worse in my life. But that's OK, I was at a party with all my best friends and my boyfriend and we were playing 'ring of fire' by 9pm, so it was bound to be a drunken night! Here's a few photos, they're not all my own by the way, some were taken by my friends. 

So drunk by this point, so excuse my face.
This is a bit of a late message but I hope you all have a great year 2013 and all of your dreams come true. However lame that sounds. I am so excited about this year, I've decided to set my life in order and actually get stuff done instead of being complacent and lazy. I will however not be going on holiday this year because I have decided to start up a savings account, so when I get my student loan in I'm going straight to the bank to set up a savings account. It's for the best, seeing as I've only got a year of uni left and I want to be able to leave Uni and not have to panic about money troubles. 
I have also decided to start having more fun, I've become so lazy and worrisome about everything so I want to become me again this year, I seem to have lost myself somewhere and I want me back! Hopefully I'm not hiding anywhere too difficult to find. 
On the blogging front my little blog has nearly reached it's first birthday (4th January), so I want to carry on blogging and expanding my reading base, by reading more and more blogs. I also want to make my blog more successful this is probably where blogging more often comes into the equation. 
I'm really grateful for all you who follow me or read my blog, I can't believe I have managed to get 44 followers. When I got to 10 followers I was amazed people I didn't know, even wanted to read my blog. So thank you all very much. 
Have a wonderful year, and has anyone got any New Years Resolutions or do you not believe in them?

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