Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lazy Sunday

I've had such a lazy day, not being able to sleep until gone 3AM and then not getting out of bed till around 12PM. Woops, but that's what Sunday's are for right? 
I did however make some sort of effort with my outfit today. I went for my skater skirt from Topshop, which I bought in the summer sale, for about £15 (I think). I wore this with a pair of thick-ish tights, my River Island boots, which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday. 

I also decided to wear my new top from 'Not of this Earth' from Topshop. It is such a gorgeous top, with a great mirrored pattern and bat wing three quarter length sleeves. Just up my street.

This is my second sale bargain this year, I've wanted this top for...well since it came out around 3 or 4 months ago, but I didn't want to spend £25, hoping it would go into sale I kept looking on their website but to no avail. After popping in the Topshop in Southampton one afternoon, I came across it whilst sifting through the rails! I was so excited, even more so when I found the price was £12! It was only in a medium, but because it's a baggy fit it didn't really matter. It's just baggier than it should be.
I was even more delighted when I realised I could get my student discount on top of sale prices, so it took it down to £10.80! 
Happy Megan.

Has anyone bought any amazing sale bargains or anything that you've wanted for ages and finally have it in your hands?