Saturday, 1 December 2012

The future's bright the furture's TMRW

TMRW is a brand new independent quarterly magazine, aimed at the modern professional, it's packed full of new music and the latest fashion. The first issue looks amazing, with it's modern, minimalistic and fresh look and it feels great too, so what more could you want?
Oh that's it; some great content, including interviews that aren't written in Q&A format, which is a breath of fresh air! Seeing as a lot of the magazines out on the shelves are mostly question and answer based.

TMRW magazine, issue 1

Being an independent magazine, they really have helped support other independent companies throughout the pages of the zine. Including UK clothing company hype and premium head wear brand jelly and cream.

Beatrice Eli in TMRW magazine

The magazine seems to have a great community involved with it, from Joe Brine (@joebrine) the creator of TMRW to the people who write articles for them. Mainly written by aspiring journalists which is great as it gives them a new platform in the difficult journalism world. 

I love the feel of the magazine (I'm all about the haptics!) it has great print quality and the photography looks amazing, and fits in with the look of the magazine. 

Please ignore my weird hand...
This zine has something for everyone, from Caggie Dunlop from Made In Chelsea talking about her new singing career and Oliver Proudlock also from MIC but instead talking about his T-shirt brand Serge De Nimes. This is great because they could have easily gone down the television route, however they decided to take a different angle. This is all in their debut issue, along with some interesting content and no 'horoscope section' in sight! 
(don't get my wrong, I love a good horoscope, but that's what I have company for)

 The second issue includes many things including the indie pop London based band; Bastille along with new clothing brand 'Friend or Faux' and singer from The Voice - Tyler James on the cover.
You can buy it now (HERE) where you can purchase it for £3 which is a great price for a quarterly magazine. 
I really hope TMRW carry on giving a breath of fresh air to the magazine community and have many issues in their repertoire. I can't wait to get my paws on the second issue! 

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