Saturday, 29 December 2012

New York Update - First evening

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas, I know I haven't posted anything since I went to New York, so I'm very sorry about that. I've just had such a busy 2 and a half weeks since being back. (Like everyone I suppose) I've decided to split my New York Updates up into a few posts because I have so much to tell you about, enjoy.

New York was amazing I loved every single second of it, from the moment we walked into Time Square on our first evening, to the feeling of awe when standing at the top of the Empire State Building. We stayed at the YMCA hotel on the west side of New York, which wasn't the nicest place, but it was clean and we were hardly there anyway; just to sleep and wash really. I would recommend staying there if you were on a tight budget and just wanted somewhere to sleep, however the next time I go I would like to stay somewhere, where there wasn't shared showers and toilets - it wasn't the nicest experience.

Anyway I have no idea why I'm talking about the accommodation when I was in the Big Apple! It was the best experience I have every had. On our first evening, we dropped our bags and headed straight out for Time Square; where bright lights really did inspire me, it was incredible. The brightest lights you've ever seen, people everywhere and a general explosive vibe all around. There were so many people walking around dressed as everything from Elmo to Batman, it was so cool. We had our photo taken with Elmo and the Cookie Monster and then set off around the shops.

We went to many stores including a huge Toy's R Us complete with a full size Ferris wheel; I know I couldn't believe it either. This Toy's R Us also contained a Barbie house that you could walk around in, it was full of all the Barbie's you could ever imagine, including the original and special edition ones for sale for thousands of Dollars. Along with a huge sweet section, with massive Jelly Bears and huge box's of Nerds. This was the best Toy's R Us I'd ever been to, I couldn't imagine walking into the store in Southampton and seeing the same thing!

We asked the store assistant what time they close where she replied with 3AM! It really is the city that never sleeps!
We had dinner that evening in an authentic American Ribshack restaurant, where I had a pulled chicken and pork burger, it was so filling! After I'd eaten all I could I looked back at the plate and it didn't look like I had touched it at all!

We then all went back to the YMCA, where we sorted out what we were going to do over the coming days; seeing as we didn't have long there we wanted to make the most of it. The next two posts will be coming up in the next two days.


  1. great photos! new york is amazing.. one of my favorite places in the world! :)

    1. Thank you, just wish I took my dslr camera, only had my iPhone and a little compact. Yeah New York is just incredible can't wait to save up and go back! Xx