Sunday, 30 December 2012

New York Update Friday

Friday was our first full day in New York, so we had to make the most of it, we left the hostel at 8.30 am, and headed off to a diner we had seen on our way back yesterday...
We had breakfast in Ellen's Stardust Diner - best place ever, the staff sing to you (Broadway style) and they serve the nicest pancakes, complete with bacon and maple syrup! All the singers/servers were all aspiring Broadway stars, and this was their 'half way house'. 
One of the ladies was talking over the microphone explaining that the next time any of us visit the Diner there will probably be a whole new set of faces and voices, as the ones there now would hopefully be staring in a Broadway show!

After being full up on bacon, pancakes and coffee, we walked around 5th Avenue, where we found The Rockerfella Center, where we had a look at the gorgeous ice rink and huge Christmas Tree! I couldn't believe how huge this Christmas tree was, like everything in New York it was larger than life. 

Afterwards we went into Sak's Fifth Avenue department store, which was incredible. Ten floors (I think) of gorgeous-ness! There was a sale on the shoe floor, from Louboutin's to Jimmy Choo, none of which were anywhere near the amount of money I took. Even with 30% off they were still $1000's!
It was incredible just to see so many shoes by designers along with the other sections of the shop including the 'Bridal Suite' complete with a wedding dress show, however it was inside glass doors and we could only but look through to see the gorgeous dresses.

(One of the window displays for Sak's)

We then went shopping on fifth avenue for a while, we then stumbled across the New York Public Library  It was the most beautiful library I have ever seen, marble everywhere and a huge Christmas Tree inside. I can see why Carrie Bradshaw got married there!

When it started to get dark, we decided to take a trip up the Empire State Building, after asking a local to point us in the right direction; he simply pointed up to the building on the opposite side of the street. We all felt really silly as the local laughed as he walked away! 
We went up the the main observation deck on the 86th floor. It was a short journey in the elevators, then all of a sudden we were there, walking outside, it was freezing cold, however it didn't matter because the view was breath taking. It was like something out of a movie, somewhat unreal! It didn't feel like we were as high up as we were, it just felt like a dream. 
You could see the city beneath but it was completely silent, which is a complete contrast to when you are walking through New York city. You could see everything up there, from the people on the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center, to the Statue of Liberty shining in the distance. 

After this we were all starving, so we went to a lovely restaurant where we had a gorgeous dinner, I had pasta with breaded chicken, a tomato sauce and cheese. Which was delicious! We all sat there chatting away and being merry it was a really nice evening. 

We then went back onto the streets, to find Victoria's secret; which was amazing, 3 floors of the softest bra's you've ever felt, (like marshmallow I'm serious!) and the most gorgeous nightwear. I didn't buy anything but there was a lot of stuff I wanted to get, but that can be for next time. After spending a good hour in there we went to Macy's - The Worlds Biggest Department Store....however it wasn't the best. It was shabby and very disappointing. Nothing could compare to Sak's that we saw earlier in the day. The sign was pretty though...

This was the end of our second evening in New York City, but we still had so much to do! Click here for the first night of my adventures in New York City.

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