Saturday, 29 December 2012

How do you feel? - 21st Birthday

Is a question that you hear every year when your birthday rolls around, and this year has been no different; for me anyway. I am one of the people who's birthday falls within the holiday season, mine being Boxing day. This year I turned 21, and whilst at a meal with friends one said "How do you feel now you're 21?" I don't think it's your birthday until someone says that, but I had nothing to say, except that I can now officially drink in every country in the world! 
I'm really hoping my 21st year is my best yet, I haven't had much luck being 20 so hopefully 21 will bring me a bit of luck. For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive an amazing gift from my parents; a Michael Kors watch!

I also received some amazing presents, from my sister, boyfriend and boyfriends mum. Including a canvas with a moustache print over it, in different patterns (boyfriends mum) a moustache silver ring from Craig (Boyfriend)

 My sister bought me some awesome magnetic nail varnish, a fan necklace and some new earphones with buger and fries on them.
Yesterday I also went for a meal with a few of my friends and boyfriend, at Bella Italia my favourite Italian restaurant. It was such a lovely evening, my friends bought me a cake which the waiter bought out at the end of our meal, which was a complete surprise. It was so sweet of them to do that, they also bought me a bottle of wine and a bottle of Southern Comfort, along with a badge :)
It was a fun evening, even though a few of my friends couldn't come along seeing as it was after Christmas when no one really has any money.
All in all, I'm a very lucky 21 year old! 

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