Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Santa! Oh my god! Santa's coming! I know him!

If you didn't get my reference, I am going to the big apple just like Buddy the Elf did, however it is not for me to find my farther or to help Santa when he gets in trouble. I already have a dad, and if Santa was in trouble I'm sure I wouldn't be much help...way to clumsy! I will be there to enjoy the city that never sleeps.
So yeah I'm off to New York in the morning, we have a really early start; I have to be up before 7am! I know I'm not going to enjoy that part. Then sit on a coach for a few hours, hop onto a plane for another few hours then touch down at JFK airport! 

I'm the type of person that it takes ages for me to get excited for things, and I only often get to the excited part just before it happens. So tomorrow morning I'm going to be bouncing off the walls I'm sure! 
But I won't be posting anything on here until Monday when I come home and hopefully I'll have lots to talk to you about and show you. 

If you want to see what I'm planning on taking with me, you can watch the video I made (the post before this one). I still haven't started packing yet though! Also if anyone has any suggestions about what I should wear on the plane, please let me know! (All I can think of is leggings)

Anyway it's goodbye for now, enjoy the rest of the week and weekends!

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