Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lingerie sets

I'm a huge fan of lingerie, I think it's the ultimate sexy item of clothing girls wear. Who doesn't? But I've never ever owned a maching set and seeing as I went into town a few days ago, to purchase some bits and pieces. I thought I might check out Topshop's underwear section, so I walked straight in and looked at all the gorgeous sets, wondering why I had never bought one. I couldn't think of any reasons. 

So I had a look and one set stuck out, it was a perfectly shaped balcony bralet, in gorgeous black lace with a white background, making it look grey, they of course had a matching pair of pants; seeing as it was a set. 
The pants were actually pants, it was great. Am I the only person who doesn't like wearing a thong? Sexy I know... 

So after trying it on and finding that it fitted like a dream, which was a surprise because I've never been able to find a bra in Topshop that fits perfectly! 

Anyway it was pretty expensive, the bralet being £25 and the pants being £8 but seeing as I haven't bought anything for myself in ages, I wanted to treat myself. It was totally worth it, I can wear the bra a few times a week, seeing as my wardrobe is mainly dark colours so will go under a lot of my tops/shirts. All I need is a few more pairs of the pants and I'll be set. (bad pun I know)

So here it is, the most gorgeous set of underwear I've ever set eyes on...

I think I'm going to start buying sets way more often, even though they are more expensive they make you feel amazing when you wear them!

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