Thursday, 28 June 2012

Topshop will be the death of my bank account

I spend money like I have some, which is a really terrible mind set to have, but funnily enough I have it. 
I went onto the Topshop website, to find they have further markdowns on sale items. As soon as I saw it I should have clicked the 'X' on the side of the screen to close the page, however being the curious George I am, I clicked on it anyway. Eeeek.

I came across three things:

The first are a pair of shorts I used in my photo shoot for my uni work, but in grey, I was amazed by the price; they were £22 and now only £7! So off they went into my shopping bag.

Then I thought of holiday, seeing as it's coming up in a few weeks I just had to get some things for that! I stumbled across these shorts, which were also a bargain going from £34 to £15! 

Finally I saw this skirt and fell in love a little bit. It was also £34 going down to £15 so it fell into my shopping bag as well. Woopsie. 

This is it now though, for my spending! 
(famous last words) 


  1. that skirt is the cutest! £15 is a bargain!

    1. I know, so amazing. Can't wait till it arrives! x

  2. Hiya! I have nominated you for the Liebster award I have done a post on it :)