Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why am I not size 4 or size 16?

Just a quick post to say how amazing this dress is! 
It is a 'designed by' dress from Miss Selfridge, it is £90 but it is gorgeous, the leather look bodice juxtaposes the brightly coloured skirt so well. There is only one downside, only sizes 4 and 16 are available! Gutted is not the word. 
Does anyone know where I could find something similar? 


  1. I have just come from their Oxford Street branch (The only place they sell the 'Designed by' range that the dress is a part of.) and they have small sizes and a 16 left! It's sooooo annoying I wanted this dress too :( Did you manage to find it anywhere sizes 10/12??


    1. Ah I see, that sucks! I'm thinking of looking on Ebay, because I haven't found it anywhere else....
      I've just had a look and there is a size 12!
      :) xxx