Sunday, 15 April 2012

My week...

1. My boyfriend making one of his crazy faces at me whilst trying to take a nice photo. 2. Food we ate at a cute little american diner. 3. My moustache nail transfers. 4. the only sunny-ish day this week. 4. Tiny bottle of wine. 5. Easter egg Craig (my boyfriend) bought me. 6. Banoffee cake thingy at the pub. 7. Rainy sunday afternoon in Lymington. 
So my week hasn't been to crazy, but I've been a bit busy with sorting out things for my photo shoot; which is tomorrow by the way! Eeeeek exciting. 
So at the beginning of the week I received my nail transfers and jeez they are amazing, I love them, so easy to put on and super cute. I really want to buy more and more of them, and wear them all the time. I also got given my Easter chocolate from my boyfriend, which was this amazing Hotel Chocolat chocolate, however pretty sickly so I haven't got very far with it!  
We went to the local pub at the weekend and had an amazing dinner, of Nachos, steak and finally an amazing banoffee cake thing, with vanilla ice cream. Uh-may-zing. 
Apart from all this eating and drinking wine, I have been buying clothes and researching 1950's model poses and makeup/hair styles. So busy busy busy! 
I'll let you know how the shoot goes tomorrow :) 

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