Saturday, 14 April 2012

Two days people, two frickin' days!

Until my photo shoot, I'm super excited, so excited that I bought this dress today. It is so nice that I'm going to keep it, as well as using it in my photo here it is

 Excuse the black bra, I was so excited I forgot to change my bra colour. Also apologies for the grumpy face, I had a very hectic and long day at work. Got to love working in retail. 

I bought this beautiful 1950's style dress from the 'last chance to buy' section in Topshop earlier today, it was £45. It is quite expensive, however I think it's gorgeous! The orange colour made me a bit uncertain however my parents said it looked awesome, so I'll go with that! 

This dress combines the two things I love; pleated skirts and sleeveless shirts. Then I added the belt, to show off my waist, and paired it with my black New Look shoes, I bought the other day. 
I love this look and with summer coming I can't wait to wear it! 

Hope you've all had really good days.

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