Sunday, 15 April 2012

Everyone loves a freebie

So I walked into my bedroom after work, to find a 'Kate Moss' branded bag, on my bed. After being a tad confused, I opened up the bag and found these beauties inside...

There was also a 'Playboy' branded body/hair wash for men inside, which I have given to a friend of mine who will hopefully like it.
Anyway whilst trying to work out why these were in my room, my dad shows up and explains how he got them from a TV job he did earlier in the day. The man he was working for owns a cosmetics company/supplier so after chatting for a while, he found out my dad has two daughters, so decided to make up this little pack for me. Which was very nice of him.

I tried the 'scandaleyes' mascara first of all, as I wanted to know how good it actually is! The brush is about 10 times bigger and thicker than I usually use, however after a few strokes I got used to it, and thankfully didn't poke myself in the eye!

(left) Eye before. (right) eye after.

The brush seemed to be a bit too big, as it has clumped my lashes together a bit, however it has 
lengthened them, which is pretty good. 
Not bad for free mascara. 
I'll try out the 'Perfect Match' soon and let you all know how good/bad it is. 

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