Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Moustache nails?!

Today has been another quiet day, as I woke up late, watched 'This Morning' on ITV+1 and didn't actually get dressed until about 1pm...woops. 
However I have done something productive, as I signed up to the gym starting next Friday with my induction. I'm pretty nervous about it, as I'm the most unfit person however I need to get rid of my excess weight I have acquired over the last few months. 
This came to a head yesterday when I couldn't fit into my favourite Topshop jeans. Low point. 
But yeah that's happening, I'll keep you informed. 
Whilst watching 'This Morning' I heard the post drop through the door, to where I found my recent eBay purchase, which were these amazing nail transfers! They are of course moustaches, how could I resist!  They are from a great eBayer frazerd123. Who has so many of these nail transfers but all different designs at cheap prices!
I'll be trying these out soon.

I also went to see my boyfriend, who gave me my Easter chocolate, as I haven't seen him since he popped into work on Saturday. It's the best chocolate aswell because it's from Hotel Chocolat. Yummy.

Along with it was chocolate egg and soldiers, which taste amazing, along with tidily chicks, a small slab of caramel chocolate and also a chocolate bunny on a stick. My boyfriend is the best! 

Last but not least is today's photo from the outfits for my photo shoot...can you guess what it is?
5 days to go!

Hope you've has a great day 

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