Sunday, 8 April 2012

My week....

1. Sorting out my shoe collection. 2. ELLE magazine came through, reading a great little article. 3.  Night out for my friends 20th. 4. Easter eggs! 5. The best advert thingy, it's so cute! 6. Cows in the field behind my house. 7. Chocolate Philadelphia. 8. Easter Sunday roast. 9. Home made BBQ chicken with home made wedges. 10. The birthday girl and myself. 11. Fondant fancies in Lemon flavour <3 12. All of my friends before going to town. 

I've decided to start this 'my week in photo's' thing, seeing as I use Instagram a lot I may as well put them to good use (Username: megan_91). 
So this week it's been quiet in the Norris household, so I have filled my time up with going to Asda, watching TV and seeing friends and the boyfriend. All of which you can tell from my photo's. 

Seeing my friend Anna for her birthday was wonderful, she is currently at Marjon University in Plymouth so we don't get to see her very often, but she came home for her birthday. Where we surprised her with a ticket to the Sunday at Wireless festival 2012, where her favourite artist; Rihanna is playing, she was so excited! I love giving presents and seeing peoples reactions. 
We then went out and 'painted the town red' excuse the pun, it was such a great night to be back with all my girls, oh how I've missed them! 
Roll on summer!

I also tried the chocolate Philadelphia as it was £1 in Asda, so I thought it would be rude for me not to try it out! I tried it with a digestive biscuit and instantly was in love! 
My cat also enjoyed the tiny bit I let her have. 

Various other things have happened this week, like the boyfriend and I creating dinner together, we made BBQ chicken breast (with Jack Daniels sauce...yum!) and home made spicy wedges. It was so good, definitely going to be making that again! We also went for a walk when we were at my house, where we met some cows that graze in the marshes behind my house! We decided to call on of them 'Howy the Cowy' I'm not too sure why, but just go with it? It was a really good walk and nice to be out in the sunshine.

Then of course Easter arrived, which meant lots of chocolate and eating a lovely roast, a joint effort between my mum and dad, it tasted so good! I still have loads of Easter eggs left and a creme egg in the fridge, so I think I might make a cup of tea, settle down in front of the TV and eat some more chocolate! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter day! 
How much chocolate have you received and have you eaten it all yet? 


  1. This is such a great post! I love the idea of doing a weekly or even month in pics. Im so nosy, love to see what people get up to ha!
    love your blog too =)

    Holly xx

    1. Awh thanks Holly, I love your blog too.
      Nosey-ness is the key to success, well that's what I live by anyway :)