Thursday, 29 March 2012

You may have waited for this, but you probably haven't, because frankly it's not that exciting...

But here is my last purchase from River Island! This skirt I managed to pick up for £12, yes you heard me correctly, twelve British pounds! 
It was originally £25 and I couldn't believe my luck, I'd seen this skirt when it was full price and I really liked the colour but decided against it because of the price. But as I was sifting through the sale, I saw it hanging there on its own, it was fate! 

I am contemplating taking the skirt up a little bit though, to bring it to my knees. I'm only 5 foot 3 and I feel like I need to have it a little bit shorter, to make me look my height and not a tiny dumpy ginger girl (disclaimer: not that there's anything wrong with that!)
What do you think? Should I take the skirt up or leave it on my calves?

 I am wearing it today with a really old Topshop tank top, with the words 'love to love' in some sort of barbed wire design. This is a great top, as it is super simple and easy to wear and goes perfectly with this skirt! 

I also added a few rings to my outfit today, the first (left) is from Topshop, it's a semi-precious stone, which I love. The second (right) is from Forever 21 and it was about £3, seriously love that store. 



  1. I loved that skirt when I saw it too! :)
    and I think it really suits you that length, but change it if it makes you feel self-conscious xxx

    1. Get down to River Island before they're all gone! :p
      Thanks, well it looks ok, I might just keep it the same :) Sometimes I think I'm too lazy, can't be asked to even get my sewing machine out! xxxx

  2. I love this, I tried it on when I was in there last week. But it was just a little bit too long for my tiny legs!

    Katie x