Monday, 26 March 2012

Summer summer summertime...well it feels like it

I know I've been away for a while, but I have a good excuse, promise! I've been really busy this week, with trips to Camden Ballrooms, to see Los Campesinos, who were brilliant live! Check out there website here!
I also took a trip to a local ice cream parlor, called Carlos. It was another gorgeous day, so we had a bite to eat, then a lush ice cream. I had butterscotch and vanilla with a fudge stick and my boyfriend Craig had blueberry, strawberry and vanilla.
Safe to say we both enjoyed it a lot!
Instagram - @megan_91
So today has been another stunning day, so my mum and I took full advantage with a trip into Southampton. It was so nice to have the sun blazing down onto my skin, it definitely made me feel a lot better. 

We walked around a few shops, picking up bits and pieces for my parents renewal in June.We then started on my quest to find some sunglasses for me, which took a while, because even though I wear glasses, finding sunglasses that suit me takes forever!
We finally strolled out of the sun into Topshop, I tried to put my blinkers on otherwise I know I would have spent more money than I should have! Thankfully the sunglasses stand was only a few steps ahead of me, so I didn't have to venture too far. 

I don't know how many of you wear glasses, but when you're trying to find sunglasses it is really annoying. Taking off my glasses to put on the sunglasses, then getting really close to the tiny mirror, to be able to see yourself! I knew I should have worn my contacts today, alas I didn't. 
Anyway my mum and I quickly narrowed it down to two pairs, the first being these amazing throwback 90's circular frames...
and these classics...
After a tiny bit of diliberation I went for *drum roll please*

I went for the classics, they look really nice, and they are simple but effective, which is exactly what I wanted. However I do love the 90's throwbacks, so I may have to get those too..I'll let you know
Hope you have all had a super sunny amazing day :) 


  1. I would kill for a Carlos right now!

    1. They are the best ice creams in Hampshire! If not the country!