Thursday, 8 March 2012

First day of Spring?

I rolled up my blind this morning and all I saw was the bright sunshine, and a few trees moving in a wind. I thought to myself: 'It's Spring! At last!'

So I decided to go for a spring outfit, keeping tights on of course; it's still a little bit chilly outside, I also kept my biker jacket on (I seriously love that thing). Throughout the day I kept getting really hot, which was a good thing of course, because it means summer is slowly but surely coming along!

So anyway my outfit today...I went with my Levi 501 vintage shorts and a Primark top, which I bought the other day, it was only £3!

I love this top, I bought it in a size 18 as the other sizes look teeny tiny! You can't tell as it's tucked in, but it is very long, comes half way down my thigh. Which is perfect because it means, I can also wear it with leggings! 
Other things that make this top amazing, one: it has moustaches on it and two: someone at uni thought it was from Topshop. Which was amazing for such a cheap top!
I think I've done good, this time. All I need to do is take off the tights and I'm all ready for summer sunshine!

So it's been a very good day today, from the sunshine, to finding that I have this Saturday off of work, which means I can spend some quality time with my boyfriend. 

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