Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mary Quant tights

The sun was out in force today, it really was so nice to see the sky so clear, so I took the opportunity to wear my shorts with no tights; which was a first for this year! I also decided it would be a perfect day to wash my car, however when this was all done I really had to get on with some uni work.

So whilst my parents took a trip to Winchester, I have been sitting inside doing work. (Well when I say work, I mean scrolling through the internet trying to find clothes to make into a mood board.) 

After a good five hours, researching for my photo shoot, looking for outfits for it as well, my parents got home. My mum walks into my room and explains she's bought me a little present and told me to close my eyes; I must admit I was a bit confused at this point. However when I opened my eyes, I found that I was holding a vintage pair of tights from none other than Mary Quant! They have small multi coloured flowers all over them, they are the cutest.
My mum has done good. 

She explained they bought them in a small vintage shop which is down a small alley way in Winchester, which I will be visiting next time I go there! 
 For now I'm scared to take these out of the packet because I probably will put my finger through them! 


  1. Those tights are so cute! You're a lucky girl :) Have you put your fingers through them yet? I had a phase of loving polka dot tights but that's exactly what I did to every pair of those!

    I'm a new follower :) My blog is if you want to have a look :) xxxx

  2. I really am, I haven't taken them out of the packet! They are safely away in my underwear draw, maybe one day I'll pick up the courage to wear them, then just hope for the best! Awh no! I hate when it happens, and polka dots are so cute!
    Ok, I'll have a look :) xxx