Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I'm glad I caught your attention...

I am so excited for these next few weeks, as I found out today that I can use a vintage car free of charge from a company close by (kind of) for a photo shoot I have to do for a uni project! 
The theme is '50's diner' and the car I'm borrowing is a 1959 ford Zephyr. I'm just hoping the weather is nice!
So excited, this means things are finally coming together!

Also today I had a lovely lunch at Nando's with a friend of mine; we both ate way too much! Food baby was imminent. 

Also today I found myself buying some new eyeliner, seeing as my usual Rimmel eye liner had disappeared from the shelves and there was a promotion on in Boots; 3 for 2 on their collection 2000 makeup, how could I resist? I don't want unnoticeable eyes any longer!
I bought 'Fast stroke' eyeliner, 'intense colour' and also 'Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner'. This one was the one I was most excited by, because I'd never heard of it before; might just be the fact I don't buy make up very often, who knows.  

Anyway, I haven't had time to try them all out yet, however I have managed to do a little swatch on my wrist, comparing the 'fast stroke' standard liquid eyeliner with the 'extreme' felt tip liner...
The felt tip liner is the one on the right, and it is so much more defining, and it seams to dry a lot faster which is great! I also did a few quick drawings with it on my hand to see how easy it was. I'm no master at 'eye art' however this liner really did the trick! I highly recommend this eye liner and I haven't even used it on my eyes yet! 
The usual liquid eye liner is a bit of a let down now, seeing as you have to keep putting the brush back into the pot, which is a bit annoying when you're in a bit of a rush. 


  1. Ah I love the little patterns you did haha. I hate liquid liners that dry up while you're using them, I think I had this once and it just smudged and flaked up through the day.

    At least it was on offer! ;) xxx

  2. nice blog, now following :) xx

  3. cute hand patterns, lol
    I'm sooo bad at putting on eye liner, really need to try harder!


  4. I always buy those eyeliner pens because I love the idea of them and they swatch so well on my hand but I think I have eye pen-proof eyes because they never work when I come to use them haha.

    B xxx

    1. Oh no! I know what you mean though, I never used to be able to put on liquid eyeliner, but this makes it so much easier! Also a tip is to keep your eye closed, then pull it out to the side...if that makes sense? It makes it a cleaner line :) hope that helps! xxx