Wednesday, 21 November 2012

VO5 Hot Oil Review

Another of my purchases the other day in hope to get my hair in good condition was Hot Oil by VO5. I bought it in the self heating in-shower treatment, as it looked better value at £2.86 for 75ml in Boots than the separate tubes of hair oil. 
I didn't really understand how an oil could be 'self heating' however I think it works with the steam to open your pores so the oil can work it's magic. However it was very difficult to apply, there are indicators on the side of the pack that shows you how much to use in one go. But when you pour it into your hand, because it's oil it spreads really quickly and I found that a lot of it ended up in the bath not on my head!
The amount I did use however seemed to work nicely, it also made my hair soft, just like the Pantene colour treatment masque. I don't think I will know straight away with this product if it works or not, I'm going to continue using it to see what happens when I've finished the tube. Maybe even giving a hair dye a go, to see if the colour stays put!

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