Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Sandals

Today has been busy for a Sunday, I've been at my parents rehearsal for the renewal of their vows, which is in three weeks time! Eeek, means I have to remember my lines and not screw up! 
After we rehearsed and everyone got very stressed, we went down the pub for lunch which was really lovely, and I am now incredibly full! 

But now whilst it is dreary outside and I'm watching the Royal Pagent on the Thames (on the TV), I thought I would tell you about the sandals I bought the other day. The first pair are from Topshop and were the amazing price of £22 and really comfortable. I love the gold plait, and the criss-crossing of them. They are also made of leather, so they will hopefully last a long time! Gold is a great colour for foot wear as they will go with near enough every colour. 

I also bought these ones from New Look, which were £22.99 and are real leather as well, which I am very pleased about. These shoes were also in their 25% off summer deal, which made them so much more of a bargain! The fact they have cute little owls on them makes them so adorable, with edition to that fact I love owls, which is what drew me to them in the first place. 

New Look have some fantastic shoes and sandals in at the moment, plus the 25% off deal it makes them the place to go once the weather perks up again! Either way they are perfect, especially if you're going on holiday any time soon.

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