Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dip Dye DIY

After reading on Lily's blog the other day (which you can read here - LLYMLRS), about creating your own dip dyed T-shirts. I was struck with inspiration, seeing as I've wanted a dip dyed top for a while, but whenever I see one marked up for £20+, I always think 'I could do that myself' well now I have! 

The instructions looked so simple, which you can read on Lily's blog link above. I couldn't wait to try it out. After grabbing myself a few T-shirts from the men's section of Primark (£2.50) some Dylon hand dye from John Lewis I was ready to go! 

I also chose antique grey as I am a huge lover of grey and didn't want to go too crazy for my first try at the technique. 

(sorry for the blurry image) 

Just waiting for it to dry on the side of the bath so my mother wouldn't go crazy at my for getting dye everywhere! 
I've also created a bright pink one for my sister which is so adorable. I think I may make loads of these because they are so cheap and so simple to do, may even try out tye dying next!


  1. I love this, tempted to have a go myself now! :) xx

    1. You should it works out as £5.00 to make, instead of £20odd to buy! :) also you can keep the dye in containers and use it again if you want :)