Saturday, 18 July 2015

Outfit - Transeasonal Green

A few days after writing my last blog I went into town and spent some money on clothes! Yay. I tried on quite a bit in Topshop and came out with a few bits, which was quite nice. I decided to buy clothes which I could easily wear throughout winter as well as the rest of our summer. 

This dress is just perfect for this. The colour, the shape, the fabric - perfect. Oh and the price! This basic green high neck dress was only £20, which in my mind is a bargain, seeing as I will happily wear this ALL THE TIME. It is ultimately comfortable, the colour is the best kind of green you can get - in my opinion - and the neck line is just well great. 

I don't have any flat summer shoes, which aren't converse or vans, so I decided black boots will do today. It wasn't too hot so I guessed these would pass as ok footwear for summer. In my eyes boots are always ok to wear - ok maybe not when it's so hot that you melt as soon as you leave the house...that is my exception. 

Whilst in Topshop I spotted this divine necklace combination which I instantly fell for. The pattern on both circles is so dainty and just to die for. My boyfriend Craig even bought it for me because he's such a babe. 

On to another purchase from the other day - these rings which are another perfect addition to my jewellery collection. From the dark amber stone with gold specs, to the alternative geometric ring on the other finger. There was also a matching necklace, which I was pulled away from before I spent all of my money!  

My chelsea boots were bought from Office in or around March, where I used a voucher in Grazia to get 25% off, which made it very easy to part with my money. I love Office own branded shoes/boots, classic but also unique and good quality. 

When you buy clothes do you think about transeasonal pieces or do you go full summer/winter wear?

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