Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's Simple

I think Simple is one of my favourite skin care brands, I have used their products for a good few years now, especially the cleansing wipes. Which are a staple in my skin care routine, they leave my skin soft and not in pain unlike some other facial wipes from different brands that aren't for sensitive skin. 
They have recently changed the wipes themselves, to make them 'super soft'. I must say I was pretty happy with the old type of wipes, however this new fabric they've used is very soft and nicer on my skin than the old ones. Which I never thought I would say (the old ones were pretty darn soft!). They also now have two different types of vitamins in them, which make sure your skin doesn't dry out after using them.  

I think this brand is really great for any skin type but particularly good for people with sensitive skin. I have recently bought the foaming cleanser as I would usually go for the Moisturising face wash but I couldn't find it on the shelves of Boots. So I picked up the foaming cleanser (£4.49) instead, I've used it and it leaves my skin nice and fresh feeling and it doesn't leave any residue, which causes irritation. 
As they are 3 for 2 at the moment in Boots I also bought the smoothing facial scrub (£3.99) which meant I got the hydrating light moisturiser (£3.49) for free! 

The smoothing facial scrub, feels great with tiny beads mixed in with the thick creamy solution. I can't comment on the fragrance, all I can say is that it's great because it doesn't have one so doesn't irritate my skin. (stating the obvious really I know). 
After washing my face with it my skin feels instantly clean and even though it's thick it doesn't take long to take off it also doesn't leave any residue. I like this product as you only have to use it once a week (as it states on the bottle) which means even though it's a small bottle it will last a good few months. 

Finally I must confess, I hardly ever use moisturiser. I know, it's really bad, but I have now got some so that's good right? I realised the other day that my skin was looking very dry and dull, which made me realise that I need to start moisturising regularly! So I've started using this, it has helped my skin already after only using it for two days, but I can feel the difference. It skin looks so much healthier! It's brilliant. 

What is your favourite skin care brand?

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