Saturday, 2 February 2013

My ring collection

Just a simple quick post about how many rings I have in my jewelry collection. 
 I noticed the other day whilst looking for some different rings to wear that I have a huge collection, I counted and I have 25! I can't believe it, I knew I love buying them but I have no idea I had nearly a months supply of rings. 
I have everything from plastic to metal, from coloured to cream and from new to old. Probably a different ring for every outfit in my wardrobe. I think my favourite one is the one in the from with the owl on it, it is really old, seeing as it was once my Nan's. It is a mood ring, however as it is so old it doesn't change colour very well anymore, but I still love it because whenever I wear it I think of my Nan.  
I think I should wear rings more often, as I have so many in my jewelry box. 
Have you got any accessories that you wish you wore more? 


  1. cool!
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  2. what a gorgeous collection :)! xx

    1. Thank you :) it's taken quite a while to build it up xx