Saturday, 16 February 2013

Just another week #1 - text/photo heavy

Hi guys, I'm sorry I've been a bit absent in the last week, I've just fallen out of my blogging habit, but I'll be back! :) This week has been really quite busy as well, first off I went out for one of my best friends 21st birthday, we went out to Southampton town, which was weird, as we never really go anymore - but I wish we did. But none the less it was really fun and needless to say we got rather 'merry' and had to get a subway on the way home! 

Before going out however we went for a curry which was really nice. At the end of the meal the waiters bought over the birthday cake I had made for the birthday girl. I am so proud of it, I decided to ice it in black icing and make a sugar skull out of icing and then decorate it. I also covered it in glitter, as it was a birthday cake after all!
I didn't go for a standard bright birthday cake as Jemma's favourite things are the colour black and skulls, so I think it worked pretty well..if I say so myself. 

I really loved my outfit that evening, as I had recently bought a new top from Miss Selfridge, which I was surprised with as I usually can't find anything in there. However I went in and found a body with a high laced neckline and a sort of sweetheart part of the neckline too (if that makes sense). 
It's difficult to explain so here is the best photo I have of my outfit...

Two of my best friends and I, all wearing black. Which is pretty standard for us.
Birthday girl in the middle. 

The body was £26, which was quite expensive, but with 10% off student discount it made it a tiny bit better for my bank balance, and I know I can wear it a lot (I'm still trying to justify it). I wore this body with a high waisted skater skirt I bought from Primark for £6! It is perfect, with a slight dipped hem at the back, which means when you put it on it sits nicely on your bum, without being shorter than expected! 
It is really thin which is nice as it means it hangs nicely. 

The next day I went home to find that my Kings of Leon tickets had arrived! Amazing, it is a while away however it's always exciting when the tickets come through (sorry for the terrible photo, I had to quickly upload it to Facebook to show my friend!)

Then Valentines day arrived, I woke up got myself ready and left my house to go to uni at 3pm, after uni I went to Asda and bought some fruit, chocolate and some mini donuts for mine and Craig's evening - of a chocolate fondue - Yum! 
When I got home I went into my garden and noticed a massive box outside my door, from Interflora!
I checked to see the name on the box and it was definitely for me, so when I got in I opened it up to find a bunch of red roses! 

It was so cute, the roses looked stunning! I then found the note that Craig had written, it was my favourite lyrics from a song by Dry the River. 

What a cutey :)
After a quick Facetime with Craig to thank him for the flowers I got ready for our evening out at Bella Italia (our favourite restaurant). It was lovely, unfortunately I don't have a photo of the outfit I wore. It wasn't anything new but I really liked it, minus my really uncomfortable heels! Which have now given me a blister! Worst thing about heels; they may look good but they don't half hurt sometimes!
Lame photo of Craig and I when we got home from the meal...

Excuse my face!

The final surprise when we got back home was my Valentines card, which Craig bought from the internet - his favourite illustrator - Chris (Simpsons artist) . I should have known! 
So that was it for my week really, I didn't do very much Friday night and today I've been at work, which was ok as I was able to leave at 3.30!
How has everyone's week been? 


  1. I love your hair! and that birthday cake looks delicious :) How did you make your header;it's amazing! followed :)xxx

    1. Awh thank you, twice! :) I found a font on and made it on word! Then a friend of mine drew the glasses and moustache for me and I put it all together on paint! :) xxx