Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Stable - Winchester

Recently Craig and I went to Winchester, whilst there we got really hungry so Craig suggested going to The Stable - cider and pizza is all he had to say and I was already looking forward to it! I'm not sure when it opened but I think it was recently, as I've never seen it before. Craig had been there a few days previous to try some of their 60 different ciders with a few friends.

The Stable Winchester logo

The Stable is where Bar3one used to be - The Square, and it is completely unrecognisable, with long wooden tables with solid wooden benches either side. The whole place has a wonderfully industrial feel which works perfectly with pizza and cider in my opinion. The whole place is full of light and space, the huge window at the front is also used as an entrance as it folds away to show off a beautifully designed in and outside dining area. 

The interior of the stable in winchester

We started by ordering a cider each, the menu was very helpful and told you which ciders were dry, sweet and medium. I chose a Lilley's Firedancer which was a medium sweet Draught cider, Craig chose a Abrahalls Slack Alice, which was also medium sweet. 

Menu at the Stable in Winchester

Craig's cider was still, sweet and it was quite a clear cider, however mine was a sparkling cloudy cider - we both tried each others, and it was so nice to be drinking a proper cider, not one that was just full of sugar! I preferred my cider which was lucky, but I think it's because I like sparkling ciders more than still. 

Slack Alice cider and Lilley's Firedancer

There was a lot of different pizzas, pies and salads to chose from which was great, all made with local produce, after a while looking at each thing we both decided we would have pizza as this was what we went there for. I chose the Longhorn Jim, which was ground beef, chorizo, mushrooms, red onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella, with smoked ham scattered on top. 

Longhorn Jim Pizza at The Stable in Winchester

Craig chose the Blazing Saddle - pulled beef, smoked bacon, red pepper, caramelised onion, mozzarella, along with sour cream and jalapeños dotted ontop. Both pizza's arrived one a wooden board along with a massive pizza cutter, which is always a bonus. 

Blazing Saddle Pizza at The Stable Winchester

Both pizza's were so tasty - again we tried each others of course! The base was perfectly crispy and didn't go soggy at all - literally the worst thing about pizzas is when they go soggy. I ate the whole thing and just wanted more it was so good! You could taste every part of the pizza and it just worked perfectly together - I'm usually quite picky when it comes to pizza's and you can find me taking bits off however I didn't have to do this it was literally perfection. 

Chocolate brownie with clotted cream, The Stable Winchester

We were so impressed we decided to have a dessert too, after staring at the mouthwatering dessert menu for a few minutes we decided to share a chocolate brownie with clotted cream. We were not disappointed - you could tell the brownie was fresh and it was oh so chocolatey, the clotted cream was perfect with it too. 

The lighting at The Stable Winchester

Both Craig and I were very impressed with this place and will definitely be returning soon to try some of the other delicious looking pizza's on the menu - I may even try one of their pies! 
Have you been to The Stable before or have you been somewhere recently that you were really impressed with? 

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