Sunday, 25 October 2015

Recipe - Simple but Tasty Vegetable Soup

Now it's getting colder outside and the days are getting shorter, what's nicer than curling up on the sofa with a big bowl of soup with a massive chunk of crusty bread whilst watching your favourite show? 
Nothing because this soup is so tasty! 

I make this soup every so often for work so I can eat it for lunches during the week instead of spending loads of money buying food everyday. Even though I eat this around 3/4 times a week I still love it. It's full of goodness and I use ingredients that I know I love. 

It is such an easy soup to make, so here it is...

- 1 large onion
- 1 garlic clove
- Olive oil 
- 2 leeks 
- 3 large carrots
- 3 large potatoes
- 1 cube of vegetable stock
- 1 Bayleaf
-1 Yellow Pepper
- Kale 

First of all roughly chop onions and a garlic clove, add to a large pot with a glug of olive oil, cook until brown. 

Then add the chopped leeks, keep stirring so it doesn't catch too much. If it does start to catch just add a cup of water which will help it cool down/stop burning. 

Roughly chop the carrots add to the pot and continue to stir, until all the vegetables have softened. 

Make up the vegetable stock - I use 500ml of boiling water at first. 

Add the stock to the pot and add the chopped potatoes. 

Add a bay leaf and a tablespoon of oregano along with some salt and pepper - more can be added if you want - all about personal taste. Also remember this is a massive batch of soup so you will need to add a lot of salt/pepper/herbs - around 6 servings. 

Now add the chopped yellow pepper - it doesn't take that long to cook so they go in after all the root vegetables. Cover over again for another 10 minutes. 

Remove the bayleaf. Now the potatoes should be soft so ready for it to be blended - if you don't have a blender you can just have a chunky soup instead, just cut up the vegetables smaller before cooking. 

If the soup is too thick just keep adding boiling water to it until you reach the desired thickness. This is the perfect time to test your soup, to make sure you have enough seasoning. I added some more salt and pepper.

I then decided to add Kale to the soup, I've never used it before so I didn't blend it in, however it will be fine blended in to the soup if you wish. I like that it gives it a bit more texture and colour. 

Ta da.

You can of course add any other vegetables you want to, this is such a simple soup that I just really like. Is there any soup recipes that you love? 
What foods are you looking forward to now it is getting colder outside? 

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