Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My European Adventure - Ten Tips for Travelling Europe

This is the final post in my European Adventure Series, my ten tips for travelling around Europe. This doesn't mean that I know everything about travelling because I really don't, but these are just a few things that I found out through my travels.

1. Don't pack every single item in your wardrobe into your bag/suitcase - it will be heavy and you will want to throw it all away half way through!

2. Go with a friend or an organised group, you will be safer.

My friend and I

3. Do something you have never done before or you are scared of - I went on a really high cable cart ride over Barcelona and I am terrified of them, but I did it and it was amazing.

Cable Cart over Barcelona! 

4. Eat all the food you can, never go hungry. All the walking and carrying of heavy bags you will be glad you had 3 croissants covered in Nutella for breakfast!

Good food in Paris 

5. Wear comfy clothes, yes ok be as fashionable as you want, but at the end of the day you don't want to be catching that silk top covered in sequins on something and ruining it. Smock dresses were my favourite thing to wear whilst away, they were just so comfortable.

Love a smock dress

6. Put your iPhone/camera down and look at your surroundings - a study in 2013 said that people who just observe their surroundings rather than documenting it in a photograph remembered it better when asked about it later on.

7. But also take photos/videos etc - it's always nice to show your friends and family you in front of a building in the middle of a city, which generally has some sort of importance.

8. Go to the places that are tourist attractions but also find things that are unique and not the main sights. Whilst in Barcelona we went to see the works of Gaudi and we also ended up at a cute little outdoor market full of antiques and jewels it was so nice. Then whilst in Madrid we found a rooftop bar which looked over the whole of the city. It was basically empty and so nice just to chill.

View from the rooftop bar over Madrid

9. It's always nice to buy friends and/or family presents from your travels, but don't buy them anything heavy or breakable in your first part of your trip - remember you have to carry it around. Don't forget to get yourself a little memento of your time away. Unless you don't want to or your budget is small, then don't feel like you have to buy everyone presents.

This wasn't even the full map of places we ended up going to, too much to do in two weeks! 

10. The most important tip - Europe will be there forever don't feel like you have to fit everything into one trip, take your time and chill out. It also means if you enjoyed travelling you already have a list of places to go.

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If you have any other questions about travelling around Europe, please feel free to ask :)

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